When the Youngest Gets Older

middle-cove-beach-nfldToday marks the end of a sense of childhood. The passing of “parenting”. We are now merely guides. Our youngest hit the 17th year mark and is doing it with her own quiet style.

Our daughters are so much the same and yet so different. Bug is socially active while Red is reserved if not a little weird, in a good way.

She’s always been so headstrong and slave to routine but on the other hand her artistic ability knows no bounds. Red is someone that needs to be pushed but don’t tell her what or how to do it. Frustrating? You betcha.
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Muskoka Novel Marathon 2016

Marathon Tapestry 2

Muskoka Novel Marathon 2016 Tapestry by Betty Bierema Laxson

It’s that time again. The Muskoka Novel Marathon. Writers raising money for literacy.

You’ve read me waxing on about it, and about its cause. You’ve seen my Facebook Author Page posts. It is a worthy cause. But the reality of the matter is that we are in a time when we are being bombarded with requests for donations to various causes, school trips etc.

They are all worthy of our money but we only have so much of it, don’t we?
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It’s Over – Ontario Writer’s Conference Final Curtain

Ont-writers-conference-logoYep, you read it right. The Ontario Writer’s Conference closed up shop for the last time this past weekend.

For ten years it has been educating writers, connecting writers to agents and publishers, promoting writers and providing a venue to network with other writers and industry professionals.

As you can see the OWC was all about the writer.

Ya it’s pretty clear I ain’t no Hemmingway,
But I can write it, write it, Ya, I got lots to say.
‘Cause I got the words words that play up on the stage
And all the right junk on all the right pages. 

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The March Hare


Words of the Season

March is a busy month for me normally.


Yep, enough said, right? But this month it is particularly busy.
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The Silence of The Damned

Photo by Suzanne Mclean Long.

Photo by Suzanne Mclean Long.

I find I am too often apologizing to you dear readers for my absence, my silence. And forgive me for doing so again.

We chalk up lack of posting as Real Life. Or real life getting in the way. In reality, most times it is pure laziness. And while that is part of the case here, there are other things afoot.

Laziness, in my case, is often a lack of focus, a lack of motivation. But that lack of motivation has a dark and sinister finger on the button. Cancer.

I know I’ve touched on it before but I feel the need to talk. To get it out in the light, at arms length, to show it to others and in doing so, hopefully take away some of its power.
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Fictional Bravery vs Real Life Bravery


Once there was a woman of infinite grace, married to a man of infinite jest. She was meek and quiet. She hid behind her hair.



As a writer, I deal in emotion. Regardless of genre, all writers, when you boil it down,  create out of emotion. In fiction, where I peddle my trade, we also draw off real emotion. It is instilled in each character’s actions and reactions.

Or distilled?
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Muskoka Novel Marathon 2015

MNMLast year I got unceremoniously roped into participating in the Muskoka Novel Marathon by my writer friends, Tobin Elliott, Kevin Craig and Lori Twining. There were more, but these three were the loudest.

For those that haven’t heard about it, the Muskoka Novel Marathon, henceforth to be called MNM, is an event that raises funds and awareness for adult illiteracy and innumeracy. Together with the YMCA of Simcoe and Muskoka, MNM invites 40 writers to fund raise and in July, spend 72 hours in Huntsville writing non-stop.
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