Traversing On a Cold Road with Dave Bidini

Calling all my loyal, and semi-loyal, readers and writers. Coming in May, on the Reading as Writers website, we will be discussing author Dave Bidini‘s (member of the Canadian band The Rheostatics) book, On a Cold Road. I’ve been asked, along with Tobin Elliott and M.E. Girard, to facilitate the chat.

Dave graced our WCDR breakfast meeting with a talk on what it was like living the rock and roll dream (although sometimes he claimed it was more of a nightmare). His stories were engaging, gritty, sometimes ugly and, surprisingly, emotional. The life of a Canadian musician is not all it’s painted out to be. Dingy venues and bouncing buses, to name but a few, line the underbelly of the industry, but it is where these artists have to exist in order to make it.

Dave’s story was actually two stories, one about breaking into the music industry and the other about breaking into the literary scene. Never without a pen and a notebook, Dave documented the bands early days. On a Cold Road is that story, interspersed with quotes from Dave’s heroes, idols and well… the others. On a Cold Road placed third in 2012 Canada Reads. Quite an accomplishment!

Dave went on from here to write nine more books about music and his other passion, sports. He has also released a solo CD, Bidini Band, The Land is Wild.

For those that grew up in the late eighties music scene, lived through the nineties trying on a new identity, sometimes succeeding, sometimes failing, this book is definitely worth the read. Even for those whose eyes are just now opening to the rich tapestry of music, or those who just like a good read, or want to write a good book.

Come and read along with Tobin, M.E. Girard and I while we will discuss the music, the writing, the story. I invite to you all, whether you are just a music fan, an avid reader or a writer, to pitch in, comment, share you thoughts. If nothing else, maybe these discussions will inspire you to pick up the book and read.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to talk to Dave, after the WCDR breakfast meeting, while he signed my copy. Lets just say, I was a fan of some of the Rheostatics’ stuff before, I’m now a fan of Dave Bidini.

Thanks Dave.

As always, check out your local bookstores for copies of Dave’s books. Blue Heron Books in Uxbridge is a good place to start. I believe they even have copies of the Bidini Band CD and maybe a signed book or two. They won’t last long so don’t just sit there, get reading!

What are you waiting for? Click here now. C’mon, click it. I know you want to. Click it!


About Dale Long

Writing ambushed me from the shadows. At first I pushed it aside as nonsense, but luckily my wife and two girls saw the potential. Since then I have had an article published by Metroland, placed as runner-up and in the top ten in humour writing contests and various other contests. The icing on the cake was placing as runner-up in the WCDR's Wicked Words contest (130 entries) and having my entry published in the contests anthology of the same name. My entry was an exerpt from my upcoming novel, Echoes.
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5 Responses to Traversing On a Cold Road with Dave Bidini

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    If you’re interested in reading, rock, the Rheostatics, or just want to share with others, check this out.

  2. Diane Dooley says:

    One of these days I’m gonna scoot up to the Great White North to attend one of the WCDR breakfasts. They sound awesome! Think a British expat living in Yankieland would be welcome?

  3. Nate Shenk says:

    Hey Dale when I clicked the link but I got a 404 error message (on the last link). Because I’m a super loyal fan, I’ll find another way, but I wanted to let you know incase someone clicks it once and gives up!

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