The March Hare


Words of the Season

March is a busy month for me normally.


Yep, enough said, right? But this month it is particularly busy.
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The Silence of The Damned

Photo by Suzanne Mclean Long.

Photo by Suzanne Mclean Long.

I find I am too often apologizing to you dear readers for my absence, my silence. And forgive me for doing so again.

We chalk up lack of posting as Real Life. Or real life getting in the way. In reality, most times it is pure laziness. And while that is part of the case here, there are other things afoot.

Laziness, in my case, is often a lack of focus, a lack of motivation. But that lack of motivation has a dark and sinister finger on the button. Cancer.

I know I’ve touched on it before but I feel the need to talk. To get it out in the light, at arms length, to show it to others and in doing so, hopefully take away some of its power.
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Fictional Bravery vs Real Life Bravery


Once there was a woman of infinite grace, married to a man of infinite jest. She was meek and quiet. She hid behind her hair.



As a writer, I deal in emotion. Regardless of genre, all writers, when you boil it down,  create out of emotion. In fiction, where I peddle my trade, we also draw off real emotion. It is instilled in each character’s actions and reactions.

Or distilled?
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Muskoka Novel Marathon 2015

MNMLast year I got unceremoniously roped into participating in the Muskoka Novel Marathon by my writer friends, Tobin Elliott, Kevin Craig and Lori Twining. There were more, but these three were the loudest.

For those that haven’t heard about it, the Muskoka Novel Marathon, henceforth to be called MNM, is an event that raises funds and awareness for adult illiteracy and innumeracy. Together with the YMCA of Simcoe and Muskoka, MNM invites 40 writers to fund raise and in July, spend 72 hours in Huntsville writing non-stop.
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Mass Opinion Of The UnRead

UninformedIt is becoming more common place to see debates raging on the internet. Debates about what books to read, what movies to watch, what the school boards should and shouldn’t be teaching and so forth and so on. It poisons Facebook, it poisons Twitter, it is the court of uninformed opinion and the internet has become the stage, the bullhorn for these ragefests.
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Confession Time

DSC04886I have a confession to make. While everyone is making New Year’s resolutions and trying to stick to them, I’m going to confess.

Forgive me, dear readers, for I have committed the ultimate writerly sin; I have not been reading. There I said it. And now that I’ve said it, I realize it’s not entirely true. I have been reading. I have read a number of new works by up and coming writers. Writers brave enough to trust me with the infamous “shitty first drafts”. Keep an eye out for Kate Arms Roberts: The Red Oak, Connie Di Pietro-Sparacino: Daughter of God, Samantha Banik: The Pirate and Tobin Elliott: Cycle of the Aphotic World trilogy!
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Burn Baby Burn Baby Blog Tour 2014

Burn Baby Burn Baby Blog Tour 2014It’s official, Burn Baby Burn Baby is avaliable in digital and hardcopy now.

My previous blog was to promote the cover, but I wanted to be part of the actual release and Curiostity Quills was nice enough to include me.

So, while you may have read the original post, I’ve modified it to freshen it up some.
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