The Author’s Voice

The Author’s Voice will explore the mostly hidden world of the up-and-coming authors trying to break into print. The point of these interviews is to show other budding writers that they aren’t alone as they go through the trials and tribulations of writing and to introduce readers to some fresh new voices. Also to answer the question I always get asked, “where does it come from?”

I will be interviewing authors I’ve had the pleasure to meet, in person or digitally, or have had the pleasure to work with or even learn with and from. While I won’t be reviewing their books (they are a work in progress remember?) I will ask them where they are in their writing, their favourite moments or ideas and what drives them to keep going.

My goal is to break from the standard blog interviews and cut to the heart of the subject, the nuts and bolts, and explore the questions not traditionally asked. All this and I want to do it in a late night TV, relaxed style. A one-on-one coffee-house chat.


Below is a list of the author’s I’ve interviewed. Check back often as I will update this post regularily with their published status including release dates.

Lisa Llamrei – “You might ask why I didn’t try short stories. I did, and quickly discovered they have a nasty habit of turning into novels.” – Status: Published – Reflections of the Gods. Alchera Press. Kobo. Winner of the 2013 Bronze IPPY Award.

Dave Jones – “My biggest thrill is to set up a subtle humorous situation and then have it mature in the readers mind.” – Staus: TBA

Tiffany Clarke – “I’ve written on napkins from coffee shops, on the back pages of school projects, cereal boxes, store flyers, even the palms of my hands.” – Status: TBA

SJ Clarke – “Writing is personal. We weave pieces of ourselves into our work. Not moments in our lives, but strands of our souls.” – Status: Published – Mind Over Matter.

Janet Evanovich – On being a class clown “No. I was much too shy.  That’s one of the reasons I like Stephanie Plum.  She says all the stuff I wanted to say.” – Status: Published, several times over –

Deepam Wadds –  “Memoir takes a lot more courage and risk-taking than fiction. You have to be honest or else  it won’t be interesting to the reader, I don’t think.” – Status: TBA

Ruth E. Walker – “A writer needs more than a tough skin and resilience. A writer needs to be able to live with a part of them that may not ever be wanted. It is the truth of anyone who produces creative work.” – Status: Published – Living Underground by Seraphim Editions.

Neil Crone –  “The freedom of writing is exhilarating to me and the feedback I get from my readers is much more satisfying than anything I hear about work I’ve done on the screen.” – Status: Published

Diane Dooley – “I’ve been a voracious reader from a very young age. I read everything I could get my hands on, and when I ran out of kid books I snuck off with grown-up books.” – Status: Published

Tobin Elliott – “The best horror is creating relatable characters that the reader cares deeply about, then throw the big bad at them and see how they deal with it. ” – Status: Published: Burning Effigy Press & Abbatoir Press.

Elaine Cougler – “Wonderful authors have taken me to times and places, unusual and unknown. I wanted to do that, too.” – Status: Published: & Kobo

Kevin Craig – “…and for all the boys and girls the world over who ever, even for a moment felt bullied and/or marginalized. You are beautiful. You matter.” – Status: Published : by Curiosity Quills Press