In the works/Completed works

Short Stories                                                      Status
2007  Rally Race
2007   A Grave Interview
2007  Modern Prometheus                                  Became Echoes novel#1
2007  Freefall
2008  The Sea
2008  The Perils of Pickling Peppers                 Published – Metroland News
2008  The Waiting Game                                      Added to Echoes as a play
2008  Appetites                                                       Became Appetites novel#2
2008  In the Blink of an Eye.                               One of my favorites
2008  Guarded Secret
2008  Gunplay
2008  Just Out of Reach
2008  Consequences
2008  Mystery House                                                 Became There’s No Place Like Home…
2009  A Child’s Cry                                                     Published – Wicked Words Anthology
2010  Snow Blind
2011  A Quiet Place
2011  There’s No Place Like Home…
2011  In Darkness She Waits
2012  Second Chances Don’t Come Cheap
2013  Satin’s Dew                                                           In Progress 2015
2013  Trial Separation                                                  In Progress 2014
2015 Terminal                                                                Published – Purgatorium: The Element of Horror 2017
2015 Pieces (co-written with Tobin Elliott)             Published – Purgatorium: The Element of Horror 2017
2015 The Pestilent (co-written w/ Tobin Elliott)      Converted to novel: Revelations
2016 My Canoe                                                               Winner of OWC Story Starters Contest 2016
2016  Absinthe                                                                 OWC Story Starters Contest 2016
2017 Calavera (co-written w/Tobin Elliott)               Completed

2008 Divergence
2011  Asphalt Siren

2008  Echoes                                                                   Completed – In Rewrites
2008  Appetites                                                               In progress 55,000 words
2013   Untitled Dsytopian Sci-fi Collaboration         In Progress 30%
2015   Revelations (collaboration w/ Tobin Elliott) Completed – Shopping
2016   Monstrous (Novella series w/ Tobin Elliott)  Pieces published – Purgatorium: The Element of Horror 2017

2010 The Good King/The Last Gift                              Published Dec 2013
2012 Archibald and the Gentlemen Three                Completed-Shopping
2013 Three Ships for Three Kings                               Completed-Editing
2015 Rachel’s Lullaby                                                    In Rewrites 2015
2017 Beneath Schwarzer Wald                                    Published 2017

2009 The Perils of Pickling Peppers                               Metroland News
2009 A Child’s Cry – excerpt from the novel Echoes   Wicked Words Anthology
2013  The Good King                                                          Stone’s Throw Publications
2017 Terminal                                                                     ID Press – Purgatorium: The Element of Horror
2017 Pieces (co-written with Tobin Elliott)                   ID Press – Purgatorium: The Element of Horror
2017 onCe                                                                            ID Press – Allucinor: The Element of Romance 
2017 Beneath Schwarzer Wald                                        BundleRabbit – Dwarves of The World


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